The world-famous Wouter Witzel butterfly valve with its high-quality European craftsmanship is unique due to its innovative design and state-of-the-art materials. The vulcanized rubber lining connects directly to the body of the valve to form a lasting bond and improve durability. This manufacturing process guarantees a complete inner liner profile to seal the disc and the integrated flange gasket. One of the main advantages of this method is an improved service life, since seizure is precluded due to dislocations of the insert.

Wouter Witzel Fully-permeable butterfly valve features low fluidity and efficient discs, resulting in low flow resistance and low energy costs. Low operating torque minimizes wear and tear on the pad and makes the valve more reliable and efficient than other kp-lok.com butterfly valves. The energy cost savings of the Wouter Witzel are suitable for high frequencies and can be many times cheaper than the initial cost of the valve.

In power stations and damsWouter witzel butterfly valves are often used. They have the most common different applications:

  • Pressure tube protection:Butterfly valves function as both pressure tube safety and maintenance equipment. In general, valves used for this type of application are characterized by large diameters.
  • Turbine Protection: This valve serves as a safety and maintenance device for the turbine. Typically, butterfly valves used for this type of application are characterized by high water pressure.
  • Drain: The valve acts both as a safety device and as a service device for the upstream discharge.
  • Water absorption: Valves open and close the suction pipe of the suction tower

Wouter witzel butterfly valvesdesigns and manufactures one-level and two-level butterfly valves, depending on dimensional requirements and working water pressure. As a specific application, it is possible to implement a secondary service sealing system that works mechanically (metal rubber seat).


Wouter witzel butterfly valvesconnected to the threaded inserts on either side of the valve body can be secured to the system without two sets of bolts and nuts. The valves must be mounted between the two flanges with separate screws for each flange. With this setting, each side of the piping system can be disconnected without disturbing the other side.

Normally, the delayed shut-off valve used in the reactive power mode has a low pressure value. Body lining of the rubber vulcanization guarantees a stable drive torque. In addition, the end of the body’s rubber vulcanization can easily clog the water conduit to meet various forms of flange sealing requirements.

The butterfly valve is made with a combination of sheet steel and forgings. Wouter witzel butterfly valvesrecommend steel grades that are normally used as part of the design standard, but specific customer requirements can be analyzed and agreed upon.

Wouter witzel butterfly valves are lined with rubber body liner. The end of the rubber vulcanization uses a water conduit to meet various forms of flange sealing requirements. The wafer stop valve has a simple and compact structure, is small, heavy, easy to install and maintain.

What Makes Wouter Witzel Butterfly Valves a Superior Choice?

In 2016, Wouter Witzel announced there 50 years celebration of business excellence and offer a 5-year limited warranty on rubber line butterfly valves. Wouter Witzel has redefined the industry standards for innovation by being the world’s first manufacturer of butterfly valves to explicitly warrant the valve of this butterfly valve.